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Level 3: Advanced Energy Manager Course

EInstLevel 3: Advanced Energy Manager 

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This Energy Institute accredited Advanced Energy Manager course is the final stage in this Energy Institute series, and follows on from Level 2: Energy Management Professional. The purpose of this course is to offer experienced energy management professionals the option to advance their career, while providing further skills and knowledge to help them thrive in current energy management roles.

Upon completion of this course, energy management professionals will be able to implement effective strategic decisions around energy management, as well as be able to effectively communicate those decisions to influence company policy.

This course is 120 hours long, and covers a range of topics, like leadership, procurement, renewables, alternative supply strategies, and more. It also builds upon the initial aims of the previous two courses:
  1. To save energy
  2. Reduce operational costs and carbon emissions
  3. Ensure compliance with energy and sustainability legislation and influence internal policy
  4. Meet and influence environmental goals set by the business or organisation

The Advanced Energy Manager course is available to all organisations, businesses, and individuals who are interested in the continued personal development of themselves and their energy management teams. This course can be accessed at any time through the Rio Engage platform, and there are no workshops to participate in. 

To complete this course, an exam must be successfully completed, alongside a feasibility study, which will be presented to a panel.

There are 9 modules that must be completed to successfully finish this course.

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Level 3: Advanced Energy Manager Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, you will:
  • Have a very deep understanding of Energy fundamentals
  • Be able to apply newfound leadsership skills and knowledge to affect change
  • Be able to understand and implement strategic control systems, and find and research alternative supply strategies
  • Understand how to implement renewables and improve heat recovery
  • Define and pinpoint behaviour change


To complete this course, you will need to complete a feasibility study and present it to a panel. You will also need to complete an assessment exam.

Course length

This course is 120 hours long.

Is this an online or on-site course?

This course is available through the Rio Engage platform only.


Course modules:

  • Leadership for Energy Managers I (Leader language, Ethics)
  • Leadership for Energy Managers II  (Contracts, Innovation)
  • Energy procurement
  • Behaviour change
  • Strategic control systems
  • Renewables
  • Alternative supply strategies
  • Heat recovery

What qualification will I receive from this course?

Upon completion of this course, you will achieve the Energy Institute Level 3: Advanced Energy Manager professional qualification. This highly sought after qualification is the final step on these energy management courses, and it is proof that you are a highly skilled and knowledgeable energy manager.

Who should take the Advanced Energy Manager course?

This course is ideal for Energy Managers looking to take their education to the next level, and offers highly informed content that will bridge gaps in knowledge while improving confidence with leadership, the presentation of findings, and the influencing of policy. 

For Energy Managers looking to become chartered, this course is perfect for ensuring that you have the understanding of energy management required to meet the expectations of chartered status.

Whether you are learning to attain chartered status, improve your hiring prospects, or to influence policy and improve energy management practices within your workplace or organisation, the online nature of this course will allow you to access and complete the course at your own speed.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

This course looks at the most advanced topics in energy management, and as such is most suited to individuals with 4 or more years worth of energy management experience. Individuals should also look to complete the Level 2: Energy Management Professional course or equivalent before taking this advanced course, as it provides a very strong foundation for each of the modules offered.


Can this course be given to a group in the workplace?

This Advanced Energy Manager course is designed to be given to individuals, who will work through the course in their own time. As such, it is not suitable for delivery to a group in the workplace. If you do wish to purchase more than one course for your teams, though, be sure to reach out to our customer support team to arrange a discount.

What do I need to access and complete this course?

Once you have completed purchasing this course, all you will need to access and complete it is your Rio Engage login details, which will be sent to your email address.

Are there any further course materials I or my team need?

All course materials are available within Rio Engage, to be accessed at any time.

Can I track the progress of my teams taking part in the course online?

If you wish to track the progress of your teams, simply reach out to our customer support team today. We can organise an administrator account specifically for you, which allows you to view the progress made by your team.

What are the benefits of having a workforce trained in this course?

If you have one or more energy managers and energy management teams in your business or organisation, training them through this course will help them to make more highly informed decisions around energy management, improving the overall outcome of your business or organisation, and help you meet sustainability targets.

What are the benefits of training in the workplace vs training online?

Training online allows your teams to take the course at their own pace, while also allowing you complete oversight of their progress. It also means the course can be accessed at any time of day or night, with a course supervisor available to help provide guidance and support.

Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?

Yes! Please get in touch if you would like to buy in bulk, and we will arrange a discount for you.

Can I buy this course for individual use?

This course is completely available for individual use, and is perfect for anyone looking to meet the requirements to move onto chartered status.

When can I access this course?

You can access this course as soon as you receive your Rio Engage login, which will be emailed to you once the course has been purchased. You will be able to access this course at any time, alongside any other Rio Learn courses you own.


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