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The Rio Club

Engagement on why we must transition to a net-zero, sustainable economy is fundamental. It is vital that we combat climate change, protect ecosystems and preserve resources.

It also fosters innovation, creates economic opportunities and addresses social inequalities, ensuring a resilient and prosperous future for everyone.

Welcome to The Rio Club. The Rio Club provides hundreds of hours of online learning content and accredited professional sustainability certifications through the Rio learning platform.

In addition to this, members have priority access to The Rio Club's tailored in-person sessions, webinars, roundtable discussions, seminars and other special events.

The Rio Club affiliations/partnerships


Carbon Literacy Project

The Carbon Literacy Project is an initiative aimed at providing individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to act on climate change.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) UK

CPD UK is a certification and accreditation body that verifies and accredits professional development activities and programmes across various industries.


Credly is a platform for issuing and managing digital badges and credentials. It recognises and verifies individuals’ skills, achievements and certifications in a digital format.

Energy Institute

The Energy Institute is a professional membership body for individuals working in the energy industry. It provides education, training and networking opportunities.

Future Water Association

The Future Water Association is a membership based organisation that focuses on addressing challenges and driving innovation in the water sector.

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)

IEMA is the professional body for environmental practitioners. It offers training, certification, and resources to support professionals in environmental management, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Learning Network (formerly eLearning Network)

The Learning Network is a community and resource hub for professionals involved in eLearning and digital learning.

Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

The Royal College of Nursing is a professional association and trade union. It supports nurses by providing education, advocacy, representation and resources to promote high standards of nursing practice and patient care.

Speak Carbon

Speak Carbon is a collective focused on raising awareness, facilitating discussions, and providing training about carbon emissions, climate change and sustainability.