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ESG Essentials eLearning Course

ESG Essentials Icon-1ESG Essentials

£225 per learner, not including VAT


This ESG Essentials eLearning course is designed to provide businesses, organisations, and investors an overview of the key themes surrounding ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Learning the essentials behind ESG is becoming more and more important for corporate teams, investors, and organisations inside and outside of the public sector, so they can adapt to a world that rapidly requires an understanding of the latest policies, ratings and reporting surrounding sustainability.

While this course is targeted towards investors or organisations actively engaged in or looking to engage in sustainability, it is open to anyone. If you have purchased this ESG modular training course through Rio, you will be able to access it at any time through the Rio Engage platform.

This course has six defined modules, so you can stop and start learning as you need.


ESG Essentials eLearning Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the 6 modules in this course, you will be able to:
  • Discuss ESG and share its importance
  • Create action points that your organisation can follow in regards to ESG and sustainability.
  • Describe the various contexts and applications of ESG in today's market.
  • Communicate the benefits of incorporating ESG/sustainability within your organisation.


You will not need to complete an assessment for this course.

Course length

This course is approximately 90 minutes long. There are 6 modules around 15 minutes each.

Is this an online or on-site course?

You can only access this course online through the Rio Engage platform.


*If you are new to Rio, you will be directed to our Rio platform where you will need to complete one form to register before purchasing the course. If you are already an Engage user, you will be directed straight to the shopping cart. For all other users, please contact your System Administrator.


Why is ESG training important?

Offering ESG training is vital to keeping your business or organisation relevant in an age where sustainability is becoming more important. Any member of your organisation can benefit from having a good grasp of ESG, whether it’s your office teams managing clients and marketing, or your warehouse teams handling shipping and production.

Not only will following a series of ESG action points help you to reduce waste and become carbon-neutral or negative, but it can also drastically improve your reputation within your industry and as a whole. Keep in mind that not only will this affect how you are viewed by the public, but it will also affect how you are viewed by investors. A lot of investors now are interested in ESG led businesses as it shows a desire to remain forward-thinking in a world rapidly feeling the effects of climate change.

If you would like to further your education and that of your teams in ESG, consider also signing up to our follow-up ESG eLearning course - ESG Inform - today. This course is designed to dive deeper into ESG, and helps you and your teams to make further informed decisions for your ESG-led business.

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What is an ESG course?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Courses like this ESG Essentials online course are developed to help businesses, organisations, investors and individuals understand and apply the fundamentals of ESG.

Where to start learning about ESG?

The best place to start learning about ESG is through a course like this ESG Essentials course. This course will give you foundational knowledge on:
  • ESG and its definition
  • ESG Reporting & Disclosure
  • ESG Investing
  • ESG Ratings
  • Engaging your workforce with ESG
  • The Basics of Materiality 
We recommend following up this course by then completing the ESG Inform course, which provides a more in-depth look into ESG.

Are there any entry requirements to this course?

There are no entry requirements to this course, and it is available for anyone who wishes to take it.

Can this course be given to a group in the workplace?

This course cannot be given to a group in the workplace, although each person signed up to this course will have easy access to it through their own Rio Engage login. If you are interested in purchasing this course for a group, get in touch today to discuss a bulk discount on your courses.

What do I need to access and complete this course?

The only thing you will need to access and complete this course is your Rio Engage login, which you will receive upon purchasing the course.

Are there any further course materials I or my team need?

Everything you need to complete this course can be found within Rio Engage. There are no further course materials you will need.

Can I track the progress of my teams taking part in the course online?

If you wish to track the progress of your teams, simply reach out to our customer support team today. We can organise an administrator account specifically for you, which allows you to view the progress made by your team.

What are the benefits of having a workforce trained in this course?

If your workforce understands the fundamentals of ESG, they can begin to adapt their workflows to meet and have a greater understanding of the ESG action points laid out by business and organisation leaders. They will also be able to more effectively report on ESG concerns.

What are the benefits of training in the workplace vs training online?

Training is only available online through Rio Engage, and users who take this course will have the benefit of a study tutor available to help at any point during the course.

Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?

Yes! Please get in touch if you would like to buy in bulk, and we will arrange a discount for you.

Can I buy this course for individual use?

If you are interested in learning about ESG for your own continued personal development, you can absolutely buy this course for your own individual use.

When can I access this course?

You can access this course as soon as you receive your Rio Engage login, which will be emailed to you once the course has been purchased. You will be able to access this course at any time, alongside any other Rio Learn courses you own.


Speak to Rio

Rio’s customer support team are on hand to help you get set up for your course, and our course supervisors are available to provide aid if there are parts of the course that you need support with.

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Working with Rio

If you’d like to expand your learning even further, why not take a look at our other Rio Learn courses? We offer a number of subject areas, from energy management and ESG, to environmental management, healthcare waste, and more. A number of our courses are also approved by professional bodies like IEMA, The Energy Institute, and the Royal College of Nursing, so you will be receiving exceptional levels of education.

Rio is also at the forefront of ESG software. The Rio ESG platform utilises AI-driven software to help businesses and organisations measure, track and report on their ESG efforts. It houses a number of frameworks for you to work with, and provides space for each part of ESG so you can keep a top-level view, or take a granular approach.