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Introduction to Net Zero Course

IEMA-iconIEMA Introduction to Net Zero

£75 per learner (Excluding VAT)


Rio Learn’s IEMA Accredited Introduction to Net Zero course is designed to aid businesses and organisations by offering a comprehensive introduction of ‘Net Zero’, and includes carbon literacy training.

If you are looking to upskill your employees and make them more aware of the fundamentals of Net Zero, including its definition, the climate science behind it, and how policies are built around it. Alongside helping your employees understand the effects of global warming, it will also put them in a position to guide your business or organisation's decisions in the future, and help you communicate your goals effectively

There are no assessments for this course, and you can gain access to it anytime through our Rio Engage platform.




Introduction to Net Zero Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge to:

  1. Explain what is net-zero and related terms 
  2. Explain the urgency of the underlying climate science driving the net-zero agenda
  3. Explain the main international policy context for responding to the climate crisis
  4. Explain the UK policy context and drivers  
  5. Explain the business and environmental benefits of net-zero  
  6. Explain the outline of a robust net-zero approach  
  7. Explain key principles for communicating a robust net-zero claim and avoiding greenwash  

What's included:

  • All online learning materials
  • IEMA Certificate of completion (from IEMA)

Course length

This course should take approximately 40 minutes to complete, and you have access to the course indefinitely.

Is this an online or on-site course?

This course is only available online through the Rio Engage platform.


*If you are new to Rio, you will be directed to our Rio platform where you will need to complete one form to register before purchasing the course. If you are already an Engage user, you will be directed straight to the shopping cart. For all other users, please contact your System Administrator.


Working with IEMA

IEMA (The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) represents the international professional body for everyone who is involved in the environment and sustainability. They have a wide range of accredited courses that are widely accepted throughout many countries.

Rio Learn is proud to work with IEMA as an accredited training centre and provider, and provides fully online carbon reduction courses and a course tutor to help out every step along the way.

This IEMA accredited Introduction to Net Zero Course provides everything a workforce might need to begin the journey towards Net Zero. It provides a great deal of insight, allowing you and your employees to make educated decisions on company policy, supply chains, and internal resource management.

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What are the entry requirements to this course?

There are no entry requirements for the Introduction to Net Zero course

Can this course be given to a group?

You can buy these courses in bulk or individually. If you buy in bulk, you are eligible to receive a discount, so please get in touch with our team if you wish to do so.

Do I need anything else to access this course?

When you sign up to the course you will be sent an individual sign-in to the Rio Engage platform. From there you can access the course at any time.

Does my team need any other course materials?

Any course materials you need will already be uploaded to the Rio Engage platform.

How do I track the progress of my team?

If you wish to track the progress of your team, we can set up a system admin account for you. This will allow the account manager to see the progress of each team member.

What are the benefits of taking the Introduction to Net Zero course?

This course gives a succinct overview of what net zero means as a response to the climate crisis and how it can be delivered within organisations. It aims to provide learners with a basic introduction to the concept of net zero.

It will give your team the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions on environmental and sustainability issues, which in turn can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or organisation.

Is this course available in any other form?

This course is available online only, and each person taking the course has access to an online course tutor.


Working with Rio

Rio are the experts in all things ESG and sustainability. As such, we offer expert consulting for any business or organisation looking to improve their environmental impact, and provide an ESG software platform to help you manage, analyse and report upon your efforts.

We also have a range of other courses available through Rio Learn, which can help you or your business continue to expand upon your knowledge of the environment and sustainability practices.

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If you have any other questions regarding this Introduction to Net Zero course, please reach out to our team, who will be happy to answer any queries.

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