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Financial portfolio & assets

Support Financial Services with measurement & monitoring

Our financial services product can help you start out, integrate existing or plan for regular scenario analysis, critical for meeting regulatory requirements, like CFD in the UK, or CSRD and ISSB IFRS internationally.

Since 2017, the demand for a number by general partners, limited partners, direct investors, creditors, debtors, secondary market investors, pension schemes, asset owners, asset managers, insurers and banks has exponentially exploded. 

Committing your financial portfolio and assets to net zero or sustainable development is easy when the tide is turning and around the world governments, regulators and companies are all working toward legally binding targets for 2030 and 2050. The clock is ticking. There have been a number of positive contributions to support financial services with measurement, monitoring and reporting on material sustainability subject matters.

Equally, there have been interventions or distractions that have confused the global industry. At Rio, we are giving our financial services customers one platform for sustainability to help with portfolio management, acquisitions, divestments, financed emissions and strategy product labelling in line with regulation.


Financed emissions

The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) is a global, industry-led initiative to develop greenhouse gas accounting standards and tools for the financial sector. It looks to expand on the GHGP Scope 3, Category 15: Investments, providing a framework for measuring, monitoring and disclosing financed emissions. It is a voluntary, consent-by-participation framework. Founded in 2015 by a group of Dutch financial institutions, it now has over 300 members globally including banks, investors, insurers and government bodies. 

PCAF was initially released with six asset classes:

eseg-icon Listed equity and corporate bonds
Calculates emissions based on portfolio share in the company.
eseg-icon Business loans and unlisted equity
Attributes emissions based on the outstanding loan/investment amount compared to the company's total equity and debt.
eseg-icon (1) Project finance
Accounts for emissions from specific projects that are financed.
eseg-icon (2) Commercial real estate
Measures emissions from energy use in commercial buildings based on the investment share.
eseg-icon (3) Mortgages
Captures emissions from energy use in residential real estate based on the outstanding loan amount.
eseg-icon (4) Motor vehicle loans
Calculates emissions from vehicles' fuel combustion based on the financier's outstanding loan amount



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