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The catalyst for sustainable value creation

For organisations, sustainability is no longer just about compliance - it's a strategic business imperative. Investors, regulators and stakeholders demand transparency on environmental, social and economic impacts. But trusted sustainability data remains a major challenge.

Our Enterprise product can help you start out, integrate existing or plan for regular scenario analysis, critical for meeting regulatory requirements.

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Rio 2.0

Rio AI empowers organisations to build trust and credibility through a solid data foundation

The platform

Rio AI provides an enterprise-grade sustainability management platform built by domain experts. Our solution allows you to:

  • Calculate carbon, energy, water and waste footprints to be audit-ready from day one
  • Integrate more material environmental, social, economic or governance metrics
  • Gain visibility across your operations, supply and value chain
  • Benchmark performance and uncover cost-saving opportunities
  • Streamline reporting with automated controls and audit trails

Drawing from decades of experience, our platform combines cutting-edge technology with robust accounting methodologies. Move beyond estimates and proxies to embedded data integrity you can stand behind.

Accurate sustainability data is key to strategic decision-making, disclosure requirements and driving long-term value. Rio AI empowers organisations to build trust and credibility through a solid data foundation.

Lead with confidence by making your sustainability data investment-grade.


Prioritise sustainability with Rio AI’s impact framework

With mounting stakeholder expectations and evolving regulations like IFRS ISSB and EU CSRD, organisations are struggling to identify and manage their most material sustainability issues. Compliance-driven disclosure alone is not enough - sustainability needs to be strategically embedded across your business.

Rio AI's Enterprise solution helps you cut through the noise and focus on what matters most. Our unique approach:

  • AI-powered materiality assessment - Identify your organisations high-impact sustainability priorities aligned with leading frameworks like GRI and SASB
  • The Rio impact framework - A proven methodology to measure, monitor and report metrics tied to your material issues
  • Built-in compliance capabilities - From GHG emissions to EU CSRD, our platform supports evolving disclosure requirements
  • Domain expertise - Tap into sustainability accounting experience to replace costly consulting
  • Move beyond generic sustainability approaches with Rio's tailored solution. Drive tangible improvements in your most relevant environmental, social and economic impacts


Investor-grade sustainability starts with understanding your material issues. Let Rio AI be your guide to credible, decision-useful sustainability intelligence.



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