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Simplifying Sustainability Management Systems

Rio helps organisations implement ESG strategies and become more sustainable through streamlined sustainability management system, effective governance, and skills development.

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What is Rio, exactly?

Rio is an intelligent sustainability management system. It includes elements of software tools you may be familiar with (EHS, LMS, GRC, etc.), except in Rio, these features work together to help you achieve one laser-focused goal: improve sustainability performance.

Our platform helps businesses, financial firms, and public sector organisations track sustainability data, report on ESG, manage systems and policies, and learn to become more sustainable.

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Hey Rio, how can my organisation be more sustainable?

Reporting on sustainability is one thing. Making actionable recommendations based on that reporting? Well, you have to hire a consultant for that.

Or do you?

Rio takes expertise that was formerly only found in the heads of sustainability experts and consultants and democratises it through artificial intelligence.

The Rio sustainability management system AI is always working in the background, analysing your data and looking for actionable ways you can improve your sustainability performance. Rio will also automatically check your compliance position and help you address any changes to the regulatory landscape.

Got a question about compliance, governance, or process optimisation? Just ask Rio.

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But where do we get the numbers?
A central hub for your environmental and socio-economic sustainability data

Rio lets you link financial, compliance, and governance information at the transaction level. For example, you can manage how much energy you’re consuming, how much you spend on that energy, and collect compliance-related evidence while you’re at it.


Whether you’re importing data quarterly or hourly, Rio's simplified upload workflow allows for seamless data entry. You can also integrate your systems directly using our API.

Rio carbon emission's management software also tracks the associated carbon footprint of all activity automatically.

Data in, beauty out
Sustainability reporting has never been so easy.

Sustainability reporting can be tricky. Rio’s Sustainability Management System makes it simple.

Visualise your data in real time via a range of interactive dashboards linked to your key data points. You can see an overview of each data set, normalise the data, and compare your performance.


Aggregate across all sites or even drill down to the individual energy meter or bin. If you have the data, Rio can report on it.

Rio also comes with a bunch of built-in reporting and disclosure frameworks including CDP, GRI, SECR, TCFD, GRESB, SFDR, SASB, and WEF. That means you can generate reports with a few clicks, saving you hours of form-filling and legalese-reading.

Use Rio to establish targets, link them to your key impact areas, and monitor progress at the organisation or site level. You can also create a central repository for all your voluntary agreements and paperwork.


Establish your organisation’s targets, link them to your key impact areas, and monitor progress at the organisation or site level.

Reporting & disclosure frameworks
Reporting & disclosure frameworks

Build your submissions for reporting frameworks such as CDP, GRI, SECR, and TCFD.

Voluntary agreements
Voluntary agreements

Create a central repository for all your voluntary agreements and paperwork.

Stay on top of legislation, policies, and standards.
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Rio provides a range of sustainability governance features, including:


Access a legal library of environmental legislation (with synopses!) and collate a legal register.


Upload and collate your existing policies or let Rio guide you through developing an ESG policy from scratch.

Management systems & standards

Build and document your progress towards a range of standards including 14001 and 50001.

School is now in session.
Learn to be more sustainable.

Rio Engage is a built-in e-learning platform for sustainability-focused multimedia content.
And not just any content — the Rio Engage library is accredited by CPD UK and recommended by IEMA.

Use it to continue your own professional development or manage a whole team of learners with our full-featured learning management system.

And Rio does so much more...

Store documentation to keep up with compliance

A no-distractions secure document repository for your sustainability-related files. Hyperlink to existing systems and set reminders to ensure compliance documentation and evidence don’t become out of date.


Create a task framework for your organisation

Keep track of your sustainability to-do list and coordinate your team. Create and assign tasks, set priority and deadlines, and track progress. Users will get notified when a task needs their attention, and tasks can be linked to any part of Rio, including dashboards, governance, data uploads, and environmental management systems.

We know what you're thinking...

Sounds great. But how much does it cost?

Our mission is to help anyone improve their sustainability performance, from individuals to enterprise organisations to private equity firms. We offer several packages based on team size.


Is my data secure?

The security of your data is our top priority. Rio is built on highly available, highly scalable AWS infrastructure which synchronously replicates data across multiple data centres located in various AWS availability zones throughout the UK, ensuring protection against a single point of failure. Additionally, all data is automatically backed up daily and is retained for 7 days, allowing us to restore systems to a point in time within a rolling week. All customer data, as well as backups, are encrypted both at rest and in transit. AWS guarantees at least 99.95% uptime, however, in the very rare event that we require a reboot or one server doesn’t back up, you can be assured that all your data will still be securely saved. We also run an IS0 27001 certified information security management system.

Does Rio work on all browsers?

In line with data security protocols, we optimise Rio to work on ‘current’ browser versions where possible. Rio works really well on Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Is there an app?

The Rio app is on its way and will soon be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.  Check back for updates!

Do you offer discounts for students and graduates on paid Rio Learn content?

Yes! We’re pleased to offer a 25% discount for current students and a 15% discount for recent graduates (up to 2 years from graduation). No evidence required, we’ll take your word for it at checkout.

Explore our environmental training courses today.

Do you offer discounts to SMEs, public sector organisations, charities, and NGOs?

Absolutely! We’re pleased to offer a 10% discount for qualifying organisations.

Get in touch to discover if you’re eligible today.