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Journey of Food:Waste Management eLearning Course

45 minutes / £35 per learner (Excluding VAT)
This Food Waste Management eLearning Course, The Journey of Waste was designed to help teams within agriculture, food manufacturing, retail and catering, and the waste industry, have a better understanding of what can be done to reduce food and packaging waste.

As businesses and organisations become more transparent through the adoption of ESG policies and frameworks, it has become increasingly important that waste management protocols are understood and adhered to, both in general and regarding food waste. Through the proper disposal of packaging and food waste, businesses and organisations can not only improve their reputation, but also avoid fines and penalties that are dealt when improper disposal practices are found.

The Journey of Food is available to businesses and individuals through the Rio Engage platform, which allows 24/7 access. There are no proactive activities or workshops within this course, with all the course material available within the Rio Engage platform itself.

*If you are new to Rio, you will be directed to our Rio platform where you will need to complete one form to register before purchasing the course. If you are already an Engage user, you will be directed straight to the shopping cart. For all other users, please contact your System Administrator.

IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Have an understanding of how thinking sustainably can help prevent food waste.
  • Be able to adopt techniques to reduce food waste and encourage sustainability in a range of environments.
  • Have a good understanding of how and why food waste is generated, and actions that can be taken to reduce waste, save money, and become more sustainable.

There are no assessments that need to be completed for this course.

Course length

The length of this course is approximately 45 minutes.

Is this an online or on-site course?

This course is solely available through the Rio Engage platform, which can be accessed at any time.

Who is this Journey of Food eLearning course for?

This course assumes that you have no previous knowledge or experience in food waste management, so is ideal for anyone with an interest in the area, or for anyone working in the agriculture, food manufacturing, retail and catering, and waste industries. The home is also covered as one of the environments through this course, so individuals not in these industries will also find helpful guidance and actions to follow.

Why study The Journey of Food?

Training your teams in the journey of food is a great step on the path towards sustainability, and creating a more environmentally friendly business, and there will almost certainly be stricter regulations put on food waste as climate change further affects the planet. 

To put food waste into perspective, current approximations suggest that food waste alone creates up to 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, after breaking down and releasing gases like methane into the atmosphere. 

This is a huge proportion of greenhouse gases, which governments are slowly beginning to tackle with the introduction of legislation and fines when improper food waste management is practised. This can be seen already through countries like Spain, that have introduced new laws that can see businesses fined up to €‎60,000 euros or more for not following legislation.

It’s clear to see that good education on proper food waste management is going to be vital in keeping businesses in line with new legislations introduced over the coming decade. We should also bear in mind, though, that handling food waste properly will help to decrease carbon emissions, which will have a great impact on our planet in the not too distant future.

Working with Rio

Rio are the experts in all things ESG and sustainability. As such, we offer expert consulting for any business or organisation looking to improve their environmental impact, and provide an ESG software platform to help you manage, analyse and report upon your efforts.

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If you have any other questions regarding this course, please reach out to our team, who will be happy to answer any queries.