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New research reveals that only 10% of plastic is currently recycled

New research reveals that only 10% of plastic is currently recycled

OC - Rio

A recently released OECD report found that just 9% of plastic worldwide is currently recycled; despite a heightened alertness of the problem globally, and the recent drive to address it.  


After the considering losses during recycling, 19% of plastics worldwide were incinerated, 50% went to sanitary landfills, and ‘the remaining 22% was disposed of in uncontrolled dumpsites, burnt, or leaked into the environment. Evidently, a prompt global solution is needed.  


The United Nations has agreed to start negotiating a global treaty on plastic pollution, held in Nairobi, which is recognised as a monumental turning point for the planet. 


Yet, whilst this is going on, what can we do on a more local level to confront the issue of plastic pollution and its devastating effects? Rio ESG has taken action by partnering Ocean Generation, a global movement that aims to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean, to raise awareness about how plastics, among other things, devastates our Ocean’s.  


This partnership will deliver educational content to classrooms across the country, educating students on the importance of the Ocean with the ambition to inspire worldwide behavioural change. For more information on what Rio is contributing, please see here.



You can also learn more about Rio, or contact us today to book a meeting.