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Resourceful: Waste Management Course

90 minutes / £75 per learner (Excluding VAT)
This Waste Management course is designed to help businesses expand their understanding of proper waste management practices, so that they meet their legal and moral obligation to properly dispose of their waste products.

While proper waste management has always been something that businesses should aspire to understand, thanks to climate change and the effects of waste pollution and contamination, it is becoming increasingly vital that waste is disposed of properly and new methods of disposal are researched.

This course, also known as Resourceful: Waste, aims to help businesses and individuals understand the costs, legislations and environmental impact surrounding waste, and how proper waste management can help to mitigate it. This Waste Management course is available to anyone, and those who are responsible for waste management in their business or organisation will find it especially beneficial.

You can access this course at any time through the Rio Engage platform. You do not need to participate in any practical activities or workshops for this, and everything you need for the course is available through Rio Engage.

*If you are new to Rio, you will be directed to our Rio platform where you will need to complete one form to register before purchasing the course. If you are already an Engage user, you will be directed straight to the shopping cart. For all other users, please contact your System Administrator.

Resourceful: Waste Management Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, you will have:

  • Essential knowledge and understanding of waste management best practices
  • The understanding of the costs revolving around waste and waste management
  • The understanding of how waste and waste management has an impact on the environment, and the legislation surrounding it
  • The skills to make ‘waste smart’ decisions for the future, increasing the profitability and performance of your business or organisation through resource and best practice waste management

There are no assessments for this course.

Course length

This course is approximately 90 minutes long.

Is this an online or on-site course?

This course is solely available through the Rio Engage platform, which can be accessed at any time.

Why is Waste Management Training important?

Having teams trained in waste management can be incredibly beneficial to businesses and organisations, not least because of the penalties involved with the incorrect management of waste!

According to the UK statistics on waste, the total waste created by the commercial and industrial sectors in England alone hit 37.2 million tonnes in 2019, over 5 million tonnes more than in 2010. This shows the extreme issue that waste has become even just over the past decade, and why from an environmental standpoint, proper waste management is more important than ever. Businesses that adopt these best practices not only prevent or reduce the environmental impact created from waste, but also protect themselves from the scrutiny that comes with improper waste disposal.

Businesses and organisations should also consider the risks and costs associated with improper waste management. In 2016, a London-based company was forced to pay over £1.2 million for the improper disposal of 17 million tonnes of waste. Paying these kinds of penalties will naturally put a huge financial strain on businesses, and as such they should be avoided by introducing waste management best practices as early as possible.

Employees trained in waste management will also be able to act as advocates throughout your business, sharing their knowledge so your other teams are fully informed on how best to dispose of waste, while protecting both the environment and your company’s interests.

Working with Rio

Rio are the experts in all things ESG and sustainability. As such, we offer expert consulting for any business or organisation looking to improve their environmental impact, and provide an ESG software platform to help you manage, analyse and report upon your efforts.

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