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IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers

IEMA-iconIEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers

£225 per learner (Excluding VAT)


This IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers training course is perfect for businesses looking to enhance the knowledge and skills of their mid and upper management. This course will help managers and supervisors to understand the implications of sustainability from a strategic and operational standpoint, and how these implications affect their team and their department.

Completing this course will help you contribute to the sustainability efforts of your organisations, and give you the knowledge to upskill your team so they can effectively implement any sustainability improvements required.

You can access this course through the Rio Engage platform at any time. You will not have to attend any practical activities or workshops while participating in this course. The course is assessed by a multiple choice exam, which you can access after completing the course material.




IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers Course Overview

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the main environmental and economic risks and opportunities associated with businesses and organisations
  2. Understand compliance obligations and business drivers for sustainable change
  3. Understand the main potential impacts on the environment and sustainability
  4. Cover how to improve environmental performance
  5. Share knowledge on environmental drivers and the barriers to change
  6. Apply your knowledge to monitor data and improve your environmental performance
  7. Demonstrate the importance of resource efficiency and its implementation
  8. Share knowledge and demonstrate how your team can improve environmental performance


The course assessment is a multiple-choice exam, featuring 20 questions.

Course length

This course is approximately 90 minutes long and can be accessed on Rio Engage even after completion.

Is this an online or on-site course?

This course is online only and is accessible through our Rio Engage platform at any time.


*If you are new to Rio, you will be directed to our Rio platform where you will need to complete one form to register before purchasing the course. If you are already an Engage user, you will be directed straight to the shopping cart. For all other users, please contact your System Administrator.


Who are IEMA?

IEMA is the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment, and if you are a person working in the environment and sustainability sector, IEMA is most likely your professional representative body. Accreditations gained through IEMA courses are widely accepted by businesses and organisations around the world.

Rio is proud to act as an accredited IEMA training centre through Rio Learn, providing a range of courses and programmes to help evolve your sustainability knowledge and skills. 

This IEMA Accredited Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce training course is designed with management in mind, offering a great deal of knowledge when it comes to environmental and sustainable practices and performance monitoring, and offering advice on how that information can be shared with teams to maximum effect.

Explore our other IEMA Courses.


What makes a good sustainability manager?

A good sustainability manager possesses knowledge and skills in sustainability as a subject, strategic thinking, analytical skills, communication, collaboration, and of course, leadership. They must be able to share and action sustainability ideas and processes effectively, to deliver positive environmental and social results, while also providing business value and enhancing their organisation’s prospects.

What role should managers play in enabling sustainability in their organisations?

Managers can help enable sustainability in their organisations by providing clear and actionable routes towards sustainability goals. They should also act as sustainability exemplars by leading the way on energy saving practices and developing organisation-wide guidelines. Through these actions, they create best practices throughout the organisation

Managers can also enable sustainability in their organisations by effectively monitoring and reporting on it. By sharing the positive effects and success found through sustainability actions, managers open the door to further environmental initiatives, which can lead to an improved reputation for the organisation among other positive outcomes.

Are there any entry requirements to this course?

While there are no entry requirements for this role, please bear in mind that it is aimed towards managers and supervisors.

Can this course be given to a group in the workplace?

This course is designed to be taken online individually, with 24-hour access available. As such, you can purchase this course individually, or if you have a number of supervisors or managers that require training, you can buy the course in bulk at a discounted price.

What do I need to access and complete this course?

When you purchase the course, you will receive an individual sign-in to Rio Engage. You can access Rio Engage at any time, and all of the course material is available there.

Are there any further course materials I or my team need?

You will find all the material you need to complete the course through the Rio Engage platform.

Can I track the progress of my teams taking part in the course online?

If you are purchasing this course for others and you wish to keep track of their progress, a system admin account can be created which will allow you to do so.

What are the benefits of having a workforce trained in this course?

This transitional online course builds on the knowledge from the Workforce course, drilling down into the details to give managers and supervisors the tools to implement their broadened knowledge and skills. This is ideal for team leaders and managers who want to oversee organisational improvements.

If training is available in workplaces, what are the benefits of training in the workplace vs training online?

While we do not offer workplace training, the benefits of training online are clear with Rio. 24-hour access to training material means you can continue expanding your knowledge in your own time, and where you may have one tutor split between a group in the workplace, with Rio Engage, you will have access to your own personal tutor.

Are training centres available for me to send employees to?

Rio Learn courses are available online only. This allows for easy monitoring of course progression.

Are there any bulk discounts available on courses?

If you are purchasing a course for multiple people, please get in touch to discuss bulk discounts.

Can I buy this course for individual use?

This course is absolutely available for individual use, and can be accessed through the Rio Engage platform. If you are inexperienced in sustainability in the workplace and haven’t completed the Sustainability Skills for the Workforce training course yet, we recommend completing that course first to get to grips with the basics.

Can I access the courses at any time?

Through the Rio Engage platform, you can access our courses 24 hours a day.


Working with Rio

At Rio, we believe it is vital that businesses do their best to incorporate sustainability into their processes, potentially saving your organisation money and helping you to become a thought leader in your industry. Alongside our sustainability in the workplace course, we also offer a range of other courses on Rio Learn, including further IEMA training, ESG Essentials, Healthcare Waste and Resource Efficiency.

If your organisation is ready to take that next step towards sustainability and net zero, the Rio ESG software platform can help provide advice and analytics on your sustainability efforts.

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