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ACM Environmental



Established in 1991, ACM is a full-service waste and recycling company that offer a progressive alternative to traditional waste management services.

They see the untapped value in waste and help clients not only reduce the cost of their waste, but harness the profit in it too. ACM is passionate about the environment and is an active member of the government’s All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. 

ACM take their clients on a step by step journey towards a ‘Zero Waste’ outcome, augmented by offering innovative and circular ways to reduce, re-use and recycle. ACM's holistic Greener Path Programme and its ‘Zero Waste’ target is a major advance from ‘Zero Landfill’.

"Ditto Sustainability have proved themselves to be really forthcoming and easy to deal with. They have built up a team of industry professionals who are on hand to handle any waste related query and we are delighted with the accredited learning tools they offer. Our staff and key clients are fully engaged with their materials and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation."

- Andy Jacobs, Chief Executive, ACM

The Challenge

ACM realised that the traditional waste contracting model is not conducive to the development of a circular economy. ACM wanted to offer a more holistic service to their clients, with education and engagement at the heart of their service provision.


Our Solution

We developed the bespoke, ACM Learning Academy. An ACM-branded learning management system (LMS), delivering accredited training and support resources to three key areas of the business throughout the country; ACM staff, ACM franchisees and ACM customers.