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Tailored and bespoke learning

1 November, 2019 / Learning ,

In this blog, we are going to look at the benefits of bespoke eLearning development against opting for a tailored approach or generic off-the-shelf content use (both of which obviously have their own benefits too).



  1. To make or adapt for a particular purpose or person.


  1. Made for a particular customer or user.

As consumers we can tailor or bespoke some of our purchases, or we simply choose to buy what is available to us.

We can choose the colour of our car, what trim and accessories it has and what spec it comes with. We can choose the colour trim of a new suite of furniture. We can have a bespoke dress or suit produced for us and have bespoke furnishings and furniture made.

Why should your organisational purchase of learning be any different?

Ditto Sustainability provide a wide-range of learning content to help individuals and organisations to be more sustainable. Learning changes behaviour, improves personal and business performance, and drives success across our customer base.

Our learning can be provided, off the shelf, as it is; or we can tailor it to your requirements or create something bespoke.



Tailored learning allows you to take an off the shelf module and adapt it. Organisations often find the content is “almost there”, but there might be some material that is irrelevant, or they might want to add in some organisation-specific content, such as ways of working, or some case studies.

Tailored content could also be as simple as adding in some organisational branding and colour.



Bespoke eLearning is built, specifically for the needs of your organisation and staff. 

It may utilise content that you already have, or use content that is specifically created for you. Modules can be developed in line with company branding or you might choose to do something completely different; they can feature your imagery as this helps learners relate and connect better to the learning. The content is always specific to you and your learners. It is presented in a form that is engaging and ensures the required learning objectives are met. It can be short in duration and delivered on multiple devices, or a longer module and as part of a blended learning programme.

The choice is yours; with bespoke content, you are in control.



As with our off-the-shelf content, bespoke modules really do generate great results.

A recently developed bespoke module told us that:

  • 93% of learners said that the bespoke learning helped them to meet their learning objectives and achieve what they needed from it?
  • 85% of learners enjoyed using the bespoke learning resource.
  • 91% of learners said that the bespoke learning was pitched at the right level.
  • 83% of learners said that they would recommend the bespoke eLearning to colleagues.

What now?

To find out how any of our approaches to learning can be of benefit to your organisation, please contact us. Find out what we can do, how we do it, and how affordable it is per learner.