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Meet our team: Topaz Bascombe, Sales Development Representative

10 November, 2021 / Meet our team ,
Meet our team: Topaz Bascombe, Sales Development Representative

What are you working on at Rio?

Currently I’m working closely with our Sales team to better develop my  skills and also boost my knowledge base in the ESG field, whilst learning to understand the large scope of what our Rio platform is capable of.

Alongside that I’ve undergone a lot of our own Rio engage training which has been very insightful and helpful whilst breaking into the sustainability field!

What has been your career path before coming to Rio and sustainability?

Before joining Rio ESG I had a career based in the hospitality sector, and I found the best part of the job was the day to day interactions I had with new people.

My skills of easily being able to interact with a wide variety of people were tested, as were my organisation skills when it came to getting things accomplished in a timely manner.

What projects are you most excited to work on in your new role?

I’m extremely excited to start interacting with all our new and existing customers and being able to spread our goal of sustainability for everyone.

I think the work we do is very important and I can’t wait to start helping our customers solving problems they may not know they have, but ultimately helping the planet we live on in the process

What achievement are you most proud of?

The achievement I’m most proud of was my first shift as a steward supervisor for an event I had never worked before. Because of my performance at this event I was awarded employee of the month.

What do you get up to outside of work?

Outside of work I like to spend my time with family and friends, which I hope to make more of at Rio.

But I also like to learn new things including trying my hand with a few instruments (which has not gone well so far!)

Want to hear more about Rio and how our team can support your sustainability journey? Get in touch.