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Learning from home

24 July, 2020
Learning from home

Do I use video, or don't I?

Most of us have used online platforms such as Teams and Zoom for calls for a while now; but exactly that - for calls.

Go back a few months, and I’m sure online calls were faceless affairs - with user anxiety setting in around “do I use video, or don’t I?”

It felt a little invasive to expose yourself on camera.

During lock-down, behaviours towards online calls have radically changed; with many people now using video as the norm - the default setting.

In the last few months, through the use of online technology, we’ve virtually been inside so many peoples homes; whether that be those of politicians or journalists being interviewed on the evening news, celebrities providing some sort of virtual entertainment, and of course into the homes of our colleagues and customers.

Not only have online calls and meetings increased, reducing our carbon footprint without having to travel anywhere and being much more sustainable, but also online learning has increased too.

Online learning at school...

Schools have had to change and adapt to provide online lessons - recently a teacher told me how successful this has been, with students enjoying the experience - obviously lots of safeguarding measures have to be put into place to prevent any unexpected activity when young people are concerned.

...and in the workplace

Employees are also seeing how successful online learning can be, with more and more people now having to learn online as classrooms remain locked-up. Behaviours towards this approach to learning have redically changed, and for the better. People which were once sceptical to the effectiveness of online learning, are being converted.

From induction and awareness sessions, through to skills training and content on technical competence, online learning will tick many boxes. It accommodates a variety of learning styles with its mix of visual and audio elements; along with games, interactions and simulations, everyone should find online learning beneficial.

Rio Engage

At Ditto, we believe that learning is a core component in changing people behaviours to be more sustainable.

Hundreds of learners are now benefiting from our free Rio Engage subscription, which provides hours of CPD accredited content and IEMA recommended learning.

The subscription includes a wide range of modules and our ongoing development is expanding our What is? awareness content, into How to modules and a mix of other learning multimedia. We will soon be launching the full IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.

Check out our IEMA FCEM flyer here.

With more people learning from home, it has also become even more important to be able to assign, monitor and track learner activity. Rio provides a wide range of reporting configurations to manage learning activity and engagement.

Reporting in Rio ensures learner progress and engagement can be tracked and monitored.

Also, our Rio Engage platform now has functionality that matches that of a learning management system, as we can serve up mandatory content, create learning paths, restrict content order and availability and provide a much richer learner experience.

Learning paths and restrictions can create a better learner journey and experience.

We will soon be adding pre- and post- assessments and online evaluations to help gauge the effectiveness of learning and how it helps change behaviour and improve knowledge.


..Ditto’s knowledge and expertise ensures the content is relevant and easy to understand. LSE.

...(the training) has resulted in us achieving our training compliance target for this topic. NEAS.

…I found the course content to be very helpful in the way it explained the science and developed the subject in logical and easy to follow steps. Kotyk Energy.

..we saw our waste management performance improve as a result of the training. Mitie.

We have had some great feedback on our content from existing customers, so if you would like to see how our free learning, mentor reporting accounts and the Rio Engage platform can be used by your people in your organisation, please do get in touch.

Tailored & bespoke

In addition to our off-the-shelf content, we also get requests to tailor it so that it is more relevant for the organisation; and our bespoke development ensures complete alignment to a business. Bespoke content ranges from quick engagement animations, through to fuller eLearning and engagement modules.

In a time when business needs to focus where it makes investments, investing in staff learning still remains a priority for many, and online learning is such a cost effective option.

Please check out our learning showreel to see the type of content available in Rio Engage and what we could tailor or develop for you.