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'Eco-conscious' fashion brands continue to produce emissions

20 April, 2022
'Eco-conscious' fashion brands continue to produce emissions


Fashion accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions and is the second-most polluting industry in the world. But in an increasingly climate-conscious society, there are pressures to present sustainable performance to appeal to customers.

Reference take from this Guardian article.

What does Rio ESG have to say on this? 

''There is a lot of noise around sustainability and the fashion industry but when you drill it down there is no clear or consistent scoring methodology for a consumer to simply understand these big fashion brand’s calculations,'' says Faye Bennett-Hart, Chief Sustainability Officer at Rio ESG.

This article lays the blame on the CDP scoring methodology, allowing high scores for big fashion brands despite their overall emissions increasing.

''The CDP scoring methodology is not solely based on emissions changes per unit revenue, it’s far more complex and takes lots of other metrics into account. However, we are in a climate crisis and increasing revenues should not be at the cost of the planet. That is why science-based targets for net zero require absolute emissions reductions and with near-term and long-term targets. We have to have clear and consistent methods and scoring to reduce overall emissions, meet net zero and clearly see our way to a sustainable future.''